Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Upstairs – Chapter 4 (the office closet)

Well, my plan of switching the office and the third bedroom is finally coming together. This weekend Brent and I focused on organization – especially the dreaded office closet.

I'm excited to say that I didn't spend anything on this closet update. All the ClosetMaid gadgets in the closet now, were things I've had. I started collecting ClosetMaid accessories in college, and haven't looked back since.

My favorite part of the closet is using the shoe rack for a paper organizer.

The paper-obsessed graphic designer in me, thought it was a must to organize my Neenah paper not only by style but paper weight.

I want the office to be a room I enjoy going in to, not a place the stresses me out – and a clean and organized closet is a key part to that.


  1. Ah. A girl after my own heart. You painted the yucky brown doors and you LABELED the shelves. I Love Love my label maker! Nice job.

  2. Hey Ashley - great job on your closet! I found your blog thru the DIY Showoff and I been having fun poking around and checking out your projects. :) Your living room is gorgeous too! Feel free to stop by and say HI sometime!

  3. Kat – I am obsessed with my label maker! It is the greatest thing ever.

    Meredith – Thanks for stopping by. I will definitely stop by your blog. :)

  4. I too, have a dreaded office closet!!! I am glad to see your transformation!! You have a lot of great projects!!

    Thank you for sharing!!