Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Upstairs – Chapter 5 (Art for the office)

My recent projects have been making art for the office and catching up on sleep. Both have been equally entertaining.

I have always loved this painting that I did:

I call it "The Amazing Things You Can Do With Painter's Tape." :)

In the old house it was in the living room, and in this house I really wanted it above the fireplace, but it was too big...literally. Because I still wanted it in the house somewhere, I decided to switch some colors to make it work in the office.

This isn't the first time I've altered this painting, or in fact any painting I've done. In fact, probably the majority of them have received a color change here or there. This is a great way to get customized art on the oh-so-important budget. Just be patient though, because doing color changes is really boring stuff.

So boring, this was Macintosh while I was painting:

After 2 evenings of glamorous paint touch-ups, it's done:

If you are interested in making something like this, how's how:
- Paint the entire canvas black (or whatever color you want the lines to be)
- Use painter's tape (remember, use a name brand like Scotch or Frog), to determine the square sizes
- Paint various colors into the squares
- Once dry, peel the tape off
- Use more tape for any touch ups you have

As for supplies, I go cheap on both paint and brushes. I use the Americana paint you get for $.99 at craft stores. As for brushes, I like the cheap value packs at Hobby Lobby a lot better than at Michaels. Several of my Hobby Lobby cheap-o brushes I've had since high school, where with the Michaels' brushes, I'm lucky if they last a week.

My favorite is the 25-pack Hobby lobby carries for $6.99:

Happy painting! If anyone ends up doing this painting, I would love to see it. :)


  1. Nice! I am gonna try this with for my office art!

  2. Hi...I'm following you...I'm gonna try that..I painted words on walls in my son's room and posted a 'How To' on my blog...stop by