Thursday, February 4, 2010

Going green

Well, more like expanding my green-status in the family room. In the past month, I have bought 3 green picture frames.

Four years ago when I first deemed green to be my family room color of choice, it was rather impossible finding green picture frames. So now when I find especially awesome ones, I cannot pass them up.

I got the frame in back at Target on sale for $2.38. The front two frames I got today at HomeGoods for $14 total.


  1. ahahaha, okay so i was at HG yesterday eyeballing that green geometric frame. went back tonight to look for it and it was gone, lol. i bought it in pink instead ;) we should never shop together, I think we would throw down over stuff we both like ;)

  2. lol! That is awesome!

    I keep thinking I'm going to run into you there someday. Shopping with you would definitely be dangerous. ;)

  3. I usually go to HG on Thursdays, my day off :) However, yesterday I bought a vase and then found the same one for $4 less at Gordmans, so I am feeling disillusioned about HG, are we getting the best deals?

  4. I see. I usually go on Fridays (but today was my Friday at work). This would explain why you always see what I buy. ;)

    I have a love/hate relationship with Gordmans. I have several vases from there that I love, but a lot of their stuff is so traditional – it makes me mad. They need to show more love to modern style.

  5. Those are great frames, especially the front left. Love HomeGoods too. :-) Have a good weekend.