Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello parenthood

I know I've turned into a bad blogger, but my time has become scarce.

- Midnight-7:30: Sleep/feed Audrey
- 7:30-8:00: Get ready for work
- 8-8:30: Drop Audrey off at daycare/go to work
- 8:30-5:30: Work
- 5:30-6:00: Pick Audrey up/go home
- 6:00-7:00: Change clothes/go on a walk with Brent, Audrey and the dogs
- 7:00-8:00: Figure out dinner/play with Audrey/start her clustering for the night
- 8:00-9:00: My time with Audrey (aka: Brent's free hour)
- 9:00-10:00: My free time, which usually consists of reading in the tub or sometimes cleaning
- 10:00-10:30: Clean dirty bottles/get diaper bag ready
- 10:30-Midnight: Go to bed and know I'm off Audrey-duty until midnight

This seems to be my schedule every day. The only switch up happens on Friday and Saturday nights, when I have Audrey until midnight and Brent's shift is everything after. Well that, and not working on the weekends.

But Audrey is doing great. She's turning into a fabulous sleeper (averaging a 5-7 hour stretch each night), and is smiling tons (except for when a camera is in front of her...that's basically the fastest way to make her frown).

Here's some photos from Easter.

The Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano Gym that the Easter bunny got her is absolutely amazing. She has always loved to kick, so this is perfect for her.

I can't believe she'll be 12 weeks tomorrow.