Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My baby is 5!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Audrey's 4th birthday: A Candy Shop Party

Audrey turns five tomorrow. With this in mind, I figured today was the perfect day to post photos from her fourth birthday party. Because, well, I'd be quite the slacker if I posted them tomorrow.

Up until a month before her party, Audrey wanted a Peppa Pig party. Then she decided she was over Peppa, but didn't know what she wanted. So I offered the suggestion of a candy party, because it's easy and who doesn't love some candy.

What's awesome about a candy party, is that the majority of everything is just edible decorations.

The food:

The centerpiece for the food table used WAY more suckers than I imagined, but it was super cute and worth it.

The dessert table:

Cake and cookies were done by Aunt Mary's Cakes, Cookies & Cupcakes. We've used them every year and love them.

The "candy shop:"

Between the large "4" and the chains, I had some fun with the candy buttons I bought in bulk:

And of course, my tradition of doing the giant number continues. These are always some of my favorite photos from Audrey's big day.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Audrey's big girl bedroom

Once upon a time, I used to blog. Way back when. Remember that? Fun times.

Anyway, Audrey's big girl room is done...and clean. I took some photos and figured why not post something for once?

Ikea's Expedit shelf is still my favorite piece of furniture ever. The amount you can store in it is amazing.

This TV stand from Ikea is the perfect height for Audrey. She can sit on the floor and easily play with all her Calico Critters. (On the TV stand, we did switch the legs out).

I bought myself this lovely Umbra necklace holder from Bauble Bar. About a year later, Audrey decided that she needed one as well. While they were no longer in stock on Bauble Bar, Amazon didn't let me down.

Seriously, putting labels with pictures on them is the best thing ever. Not only does Audrey know where everything is, but she now knows where to put it back. We've had these pink Container Store containers for a year now, and it's so exciting to have an organization solution that works for us. Especially now that Audrey's toy motto is "the smaller, the better."