Saturday, June 18, 2011

Backyard (June)

My backyard landscape is growing strong:

I love how huge the asiatic lilies I planted last year are:

As for my other poor yucca, it decided to grow crooked, which was fine until the blooms weighed it down:

I'm excited that my outdoor tasks are done for the year. I scratched the climbing roses plan off my list, for a different outdoor game plan next spring. Woot!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

2 dresser flips

So, it just occurred to me that I never posted either of these reveals. I want to post them together, because I only get to keep one, and well, decisions are hard.

(Please forgive my terrible pictures. I've been under the weather, and the thought of retaking and/or staging photos is not an appealing one).

Dresser #1:


Dresser #2:

The winning dresser will be going in the third bedroom (where dresser #1 currently is). The third bedroom is currently used as a second guest bedroom, and will one day become a nursery. Right now, I'm leaning toward dresser #2 – I'm liking the modern look (and the extra drawer).

Luckily, I don't have to make any decisions quite yet. I don't plan on getting rid of a dresser in the man cave, until our next Ikea trip (August or September) – when I can get some behind-the-sofa Expedit bookcases for better storage.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's getting hot in here...

Sorry, for the break – I've been grouchy (you are welcome to picture me stealing Oscar's trash can here).

What should have been a simple "freon refill for our air conditioner" visit, turned into a "you'll be lucky if your air conditioner lasts through the summer" visit. Yay. I told Brent there was no way we were taking that gamble – summers is Kansas City are 95% miserable, with 100% humidity. So Brent and I have been getting price quotes. I don't think I realized how expensive air conditioners are – ouch! I'm just glad we found all this out after we got our sectional for the man cave, or the futon would probably still be here.

The new air conditioner will be installed in 2 week.s

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Tale of 5 Sofas

The 6-week journey of 5 sofas for the man cave is now over.

It was a long, brutal process, but it's over now. The issue was the landing going down into the basement – nothing would fit in the space.

Our sectional arrived the day of the wine-party (nothing like cutting it close), and it took 45 minutes (and one hole in the wall) to make it fit. The hole was Brent's doing. The delivery guys said it wouldn't fit, but Brent was determined and pushed the sofa into the wall. My houndstooth wall.

Sigh. Looks like somebody gets to learn how to patch walls in the near future. But it was totally worth it, because the futon is gone!



Yep, the man cave has definitely come a long way in the past year:

The only issue now is the wall color. I've never been a fan of it, but Brent's loved it. Thankfully, that love is quickly fading with the brown sectional. I think a celery color would be rather amazing and lighten things up.