Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy closing day!

In a couple of minutes the buyer of our house will be signing all the papers, and Brent and I will really not own that house. It was very strange doing the final walk through of our empty starter house last night; it didn't feel real. I think everything will truly kick in once I have to clean the new house for the first time, and I will insanely miss the 900 square feet we once had.

The closing for the new house is at 4 p.m., and I am so excited! Granted, I'd be more excited if that meant we could move in right afterward, but a month break will do me good.

House #1: The Basement

The famous before and after of the stairwell:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

House #1: The Bathroom

We are homeless

Brent and I signed all the paperwork on Tuesday to say goodbye to our Fairway house. It's weird that at this moment we technically do not own a house. Of course, all that will change come Friday afternoon, but it's still an odd thought.

In other house news:
- Very little is left in the house – just the random crap that will mix together in a box that I'll label with a "?"
- The POD is being picked up as I write this.
- Tonight is cleaning night and moving all food to my parent's house.
- Last night was the first night spent at my parent's house. It was different, but my eyes are on the prize, and it is totally worth it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

House #1: The Master

I still don't understand how Brent and I fit everything into this tiny room. Now that this room is empty again, it once again looks the size of a cracker box.

Excited for August

I can't believe I am getting ready to say this, but I am slightly excited to move in with my parents for a month. Yes, they will drive me insane, and yes, my drinking habit will spike, but it will also be a month of rest. And I need rest. I have been moving nonstop since the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend when we first saw house #2, and I am tired. I'm looking forward to this upcoming weekend, where I have no plans, and that sounds like the most glorious thing ever.

Friday, July 24, 2009

House #1: The Kitchen

The kitchen color before the house was on the market:

The kitchen post market:

Books #67 and 68

My love for the Jessica Darling series continues with "Second Helpings" and "Charmed Thirds." I didn't enjoy #3 as much as the first two, but I'm still excited to read on with the series.

The Competitor's House

The house dropped in price again. It's now listed at $162,900. It's still $3,000 more than what Brent and I started at, but considering the original price was $169,900 – the price is becoming more reasonable.

You would think that the home owners could take the hint on the price though. Their house has been on the market for 6 weeks; mine went under contract in 6 days. Apparently, they aren't in a rush to move.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

House #1: The Living Room

My beautiful home, is not looking like my home anymore. Most of the rooms are
empty of furniture, and all my personal accessories are gone.

In honor of the starter home Brent and I have loved for the past 3 years, I will be posting photos of the way I will always remember my Fairway house.

And no
w, the living room:


I have never seen one of these dropped off before, and was rather amazed with the process. Even our nosy neighbor came out and watched.

Last night's accomplishment:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Table lamp steals

1. This really cool contemporary lamp is now only $9.99.
2. This lamp is only $19.99 – very hollywood glam.
3. This slightly more traditional lamp is also only $19.99

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cable Company, I Will Win

I pay $160 per month for cable and Internet. That price includes 2 DVRs (one of which is HD), 300+ channels and HBO.

New customers can currently get the exact same thing for $120.

And of course Brent signed us up for some horrible plan that doesn't expire for another year, and costs $250 (eeeeeeee!!!) to cancel.

After much debate, I have decided to cancel the service and take the blow. Since nothing is under my name, I can use it the second time around with the new address, so I will technically be a new customer. Within a year, I will actually be saving money, so I think it's worth it, especially since the new customer rate after a year barely increases.

Saving money, here I come!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up – I Hate Paint

Friday night, Brent and I decided to take things off the walls – so everything could be spackled and painted. The living room was definitely the worst off, because of the huge screws from the floating shelves. Plus, Brent didn't get the screws in correctly the first time around, so there were just holes galore.

So I spackled those mofos, and then realized the living room paint was dried and crusty. I have no idea when the living room was painted, so I was expecting the paint to not be usuable. Fortunately, the paint can had the store name and color code.

I went to Sherwin Williams thinking I could buy a $5 sample can. Ha! Jokes on me. Apparently, they only have sample sizes in satin finish, not flat. Since I needed the exact same paint, I walked away spending $38 on a stupid can of professional paint (which was terrible quality IMO).

When the touch up area dries, this is what I see (ignore the spackle marks):

At this point, really my only thought is "mother fucker." While the paint is the correct color, the sun faded the walls, so the living room is no longer that color.

So my Sunday was spent bitterly painting. I still don't see what was so "professional" about that paint either. I hated it. The paint would just soak into the roller and edger, and I lost a lot of paint because of it. I had maybe 2 drops of paint leftover, which I think is beyond ridiculous. Granted the living room is large, but factoring in 3 doorways and 4 big windows – a gallon should have been enough plus a little.

I'm just hoping I don't have to do anymore touch ups in the living room, because I am in no mood to spend another $38 on crappy-ass paint.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Roof – Check!

It's done! Now, on to the furnace.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Light Fixture Deal

I am in love with this light fixture from JC Penney, and I just wanted to share the great deal. I'm debating about getting it, but I would prefer the fixture in black (and that looks like a PITA to paint).

Enter heat30 for an extra 30% off.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Roof, The Roof

Work started on the new roof yesterday. This is all finally started to feel real.

In the others: Brent and I realized we close in 2 weeks and 2 days, and we have packed minimal (we blame this on the appraiser, but still), time to get to business. The Pod arrives in 1 week.

Happy Birthday Chip!

My little guy is 3 today.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dear Rain,

Please stop. I would like to be able to use my tickets to see "Anything Goes" tonight. After all, it is my favorite musical.

Thank you.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cleaning time

The appraisal is scheduled for tomorrow. I am so excited for it to be over with – that way we can start packing whatever, and not have to worry about keeping the house looking nice.

In other news: The great paint debate has started, and paint swatches have been collected.

Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon

- Packed
- Watched "Eurotrip" with Brent

- Costco (and somehow managed to spend less than $100 – I deserve a medal for that)
- Packed
- Cleaned
- Goodbye party for friend

- Cleaned
- Packed (noticing a pattern?)
- Dinner with parents
- Watched "True Blood," "Hung" and "HGTV's Showdown"

Thursday, July 9, 2009


So I'm minding my own business, looking at other houses in our price range and loving dream house even more and more, when I stumble upon a house in Olathe. Everything is looking normal, and then I see this photo:

What the hell is wrong with people? it bad I want to go to a showing to witness this madness? I promise I would take lots of photos.

Roof update :(

Dear Traveler's Insurance,

Seriously, F you. I knew the seller's roof was most likely too old/damaged for you to cover any of the replacement costs, but how it took 11 days for this announcement is beyond me. Real insurance companies are able to look at a roof and give you a yes or no right then.

Verifying even more why I don't have Traveler's Insurance,
A lover of Shelter Insurance

Book #66

I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would have. While I am fascinated with all Philippa Gregory's books about the Tudors, I enjoyed the first 3 books with Henry VIII in them a lot more than "A Queen's Fool" and "The Virgin's Lover," which I just found to be so-so.

Because of this, I was nervous about reading "The Other Queen," but I have to say I really enjoyed it. There seemed to be an actual point and plot to this book, like her first 3 Tudor books, and because of this, it kept me reading and kept me interested. Definitely recommended.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Operation rent back!

We are now closing on both houses July 31.

The sellers of dream house found their dream house, which happened to be a foreclosure (aka: have 30 days to close, PITA, etc.). The seller asked if we could close early, and I told him we couldn't because our house failed the radon test and we needed the extra money (so true, but a little sympathy card never hurt either). Patti later called saying the sellers would like to close July 31, and then rent the house back for the month of August. Deal!

This way the sellers can keep all money that they would pay us for the mortgage, and put it toward Brent's and my share on the roof (which will be a little more than half of what our share of the roof will be, and would also make this transaction tax-free).

Our Rent Back Guidelines:
- Seller will pay what our mortgage and home insurance monthly fee will be
- Roof must be done by July 31
- Utilities will remain in the seller's name until possession date
- Damage clause
- Seller's contract still valid on what stays
- Possession date moves up to Aug. 31 from Sept. 2

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yellow Rant

I want to decorate my future living room in only black, white, gray and yellow, but apparently few retail stores have the same vision. Finding modern yellow accessories is the biggest PITA. Hell, finding gray and black things is also finding itself difficult. It seems that everyone in America must envision their living room in blue, brown and beige – because that's all I can find (seriously, does everyone have identical living rooms)?

For my pillows I wanted a black-and-white houndstooth (which I already have), and a smaller yellow pillow for a punch of color. I have only found one yellow pillow that I find acceptable. Seriously, I understand yellow might not be the most popular color, but I had no idea the level of neglect it faced until I started searching for yellow accessories that didn't suck.

It's a good thing I'm starting early, because this mission will take awhile.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Books #64 and #65

#64: "Sloppy Firsts" by Megan McCafferty
This book is adorable, and I cannot wait to read the other 4 books in the series. I definitely got wrapped up into high-school life with the snarky Jessica Darling, and Marcus Flutie, the bad boy she couldn't help but think about.

#65: "The Little Lady Agency" by Hester Browne
This book was cute, but I have no plans on reading the other 2 books in the series.

I am currently reading "The Other Queen" by Philippa Gregory (author of "The Other Boleyn Girl). I'm enjoying the book so far; her stuff just seems to take forever for me to read.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Real Estate Invention

I am obsessed with HGTV's new show "Real Estate Invention." There's only been 3 episodes so far, but each one has been priceless. This show is the smack down on real estate. The realtor, Mike Aubrey, is the Simon Cowell of realtors.

Brent had no interest in watching this fine programming, but for whatever reason agreed to watch it with me last night. It only took 15 glorious minutes of seller-denial before he was hooked. After the show was over he asked if I had anymore on DVR (nope, this show airs on Thursday, and I watch it on Thursday – I can't really think of any other show I'm this dedicated to). With this news, Brent became depressed and searched the HGTV schedule for more fabulous verbal abuse.

Unfortunately, since "Real Estate Invention" has only has aired 3 shows, Thursday is the only night it's currently on. But I'm sure once it has a season under its belt, there will be a full evening of smack down bliss.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Waiting Game Continues

What the hell? Now we aren't going to know anything until next week about the roof. I want to smack the crap out of this adjuster/insurance company. This is just another reason why I love Shelter Insurance, they understand people don't like to wait.

As for our house, we went ahead and sent negotiations back to the buyer, so we shall see what happens. And speaking of the buyer, I actually got to meet him yesterday! He lives down the street from us with a roommate, and when Brent and I were on a walk with the dogs, he happened to be outside. He seems really nice – I approve.