Friday, July 3, 2009

Real Estate Invention

I am obsessed with HGTV's new show "Real Estate Invention." There's only been 3 episodes so far, but each one has been priceless. This show is the smack down on real estate. The realtor, Mike Aubrey, is the Simon Cowell of realtors.

Brent had no interest in watching this fine programming, but for whatever reason agreed to watch it with me last night. It only took 15 glorious minutes of seller-denial before he was hooked. After the show was over he asked if I had anymore on DVR (nope, this show airs on Thursday, and I watch it on Thursday – I can't really think of any other show I'm this dedicated to). With this news, Brent became depressed and searched the HGTV schedule for more fabulous verbal abuse.

Unfortunately, since "Real Estate Invention" has only has aired 3 shows, Thursday is the only night it's currently on. But I'm sure once it has a season under its belt, there will be a full evening of smack down bliss.

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  1. okay, I'm going to stop going back through your old posts now, but I LOVE this show, too. I love how in denial people are about their homes--like, they go into the comparable home and are like "well, our kitchen has MUCH higher finishes than this one does, so I don't see how this home is comparable to ours." Uh, yeah, but their kitchen is 3 times the size of yours-HELLO!!!! Mike Aubrey is so funny . . .