Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Audrey's 3rd birthday: AKA Hello Kitty Fest

I really had every intention of keeping Audrey's third birthday party simple – I cut the guest list to just family and close family friends and three weeks before the date, had successfully planned nothing. But then the "Happy Birthday, Hello Kitty" napkins arrived, and Audrey was so, so, so excited. We had to look at them every night and each time, her face just lit up. And that's when I knew my plans had changed.

The Winter "One"derland and Rainbow birthday parties were for me. But this Hello Kitty party was all for her. That's when I decided – if we were going to do Hello Kitty, we were going to do it right.

The Food
I stuck with appetizers again, because they are easy and yummy. The menu – pigs in a blanket, smoked sausage, barbeque meatballs, buffalo chicken dip, pasta salad, orzo salad, cream cheese pinwheels, manchego cheese and fig tarts, caprese skewers and a fruit tray.

The menu labels I made:

The Dessert
Like always, we got our dessert from Aunt Mary's Cakes Cookies and Cupcakes, and like always, it was rather delicious.

The cupcakes:

The cake:

The cake pops:

The cookies:

The Decorations
While the party decor changes each year to go with the theme, everything seems to follow a script. I always decorate the dining room wall, do a tissue paper number, have menu labels, do a similar menu, have cup party favors for the kids, etc. Because, well, if it ain't broke...

This year, I did add one new decor to the party though – the mantle.

It showcased signs I made...

...and was a fabulous photo backdrop:

I even used it as the background for cupcake photos:

Party Favors
Like usual, I did cups for the kids. While this can be pricey, the lack of spills is worth it to me. I got these at Target, and got Thomas ones for the boys.

I also picked up some kitty ears, because I thought they'd be so cute for photos.

The Tissue Paper Tradition Continues
I plan to do this every year. These are seriously some of my favorite photos.

It's just such a fun tradition to have.

The party was a blast, and most importantly, Audrey had so much fun. It was all so worth it.