Thursday, August 13, 2015

Two more things off the list (operation de-nursery)

I took the plunge tonight and ordered Audrey's new headboard and nightstand. I've been eying these items for awhile now, and I've been rather surprised about the lack of sales these Overstock and Target items have received. Until today. (Cue choir).

This headboard has been sitting pretty at $119.99 since I added it to my Pinterest board in the spring.

And then it dropped to $101.99, which definitely peaked my interest. And when I got around to ordering it tonight, there was a $25 off a $100 purchase code. Ah. Mazing.

Audrey is also in desperate need of a new nightstand. While I love her current one (a previous Craigslist flip), the top has become extremely slanted...and well, I don't think there's much life left to it.

I fell in love with this simple nightstand from reminded me of something you'd find at Pottery Barn Kids, but not as expensive.

And while I wasn't crazy about spending $150 for it – I couldn't find anything else I liked more. And then today this nightstand went on sale for $125, and there was a $10 coupon.

I'm so thrilled. I was planning on paying full price for these items, and I ended up saving $75. It was a very good shopping day. Next item on my watch list is a pop-up trundle bed.