Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up – I Hate Paint

Friday night, Brent and I decided to take things off the walls – so everything could be spackled and painted. The living room was definitely the worst off, because of the huge screws from the floating shelves. Plus, Brent didn't get the screws in correctly the first time around, so there were just holes galore.

So I spackled those mofos, and then realized the living room paint was dried and crusty. I have no idea when the living room was painted, so I was expecting the paint to not be usuable. Fortunately, the paint can had the store name and color code.

I went to Sherwin Williams thinking I could buy a $5 sample can. Ha! Jokes on me. Apparently, they only have sample sizes in satin finish, not flat. Since I needed the exact same paint, I walked away spending $38 on a stupid can of professional paint (which was terrible quality IMO).

When the touch up area dries, this is what I see (ignore the spackle marks):

At this point, really my only thought is "mother fucker." While the paint is the correct color, the sun faded the walls, so the living room is no longer that color.

So my Sunday was spent bitterly painting. I still don't see what was so "professional" about that paint either. I hated it. The paint would just soak into the roller and edger, and I lost a lot of paint because of it. I had maybe 2 drops of paint leftover, which I think is beyond ridiculous. Granted the living room is large, but factoring in 3 doorways and 4 big windows – a gallon should have been enough plus a little.

I'm just hoping I don't have to do anymore touch ups in the living room, because I am in no mood to spend another $38 on crappy-ass paint.

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