Saturday, June 18, 2011

Backyard (June)

My backyard landscape is growing strong:

I love how huge the asiatic lilies I planted last year are:

As for my other poor yucca, it decided to grow crooked, which was fine until the blooms weighed it down:

I'm excited that my outdoor tasks are done for the year. I scratched the climbing roses plan off my list, for a different outdoor game plan next spring. Woot!


  1. I love it! You wanna come tame my mess of a KCK yard? ;)

  2. Looks beautiful! I really need to get more plants for my back yard but it's shady so it's hard to figure those large ornamental grasses, what are those called?

  3. Thanks! The ornamental grasses are a type of pampaus.

  4. Hi Ashley!! I'm from Mid-Century Homes it's my first to be here in your blog, Did you design the landscaping all by yourself.?

  5. I can't take credit for most of it, since we've only been here 2 years. But each year, I plan on adding more to it. So far I've added the asiatic lilies, the rose bush and several coral daylilies.