Monday, January 16, 2017

Audrey's 4th birthday: A Candy Shop Party

Audrey turns five tomorrow. With this in mind, I figured today was the perfect day to post photos from her fourth birthday party. Because, well, I'd be quite the slacker if I posted them tomorrow.

Up until a month before her party, Audrey wanted a Peppa Pig party. Then she decided she was over Peppa, but didn't know what she wanted. So I offered the suggestion of a candy party, because it's easy and who doesn't love some candy.

What's awesome about a candy party, is that the majority of everything is just edible decorations.

The food:

The centerpiece for the food table used WAY more suckers than I imagined, but it was super cute and worth it.

The dessert table:

Cake and cookies were done by Aunt Mary's Cakes, Cookies & Cupcakes. We've used them every year and love them.

The "candy shop:"

Between the large "4" and the chains, I had some fun with the candy buttons I bought in bulk:

And of course, my tradition of doing the giant number continues. These are always some of my favorite photos from Audrey's big day.

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