Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Upstairs – Chapter 6 (the third bedroom)

Brent's and my weekend plans consisted of watching basketball, catching up on SVU, going to a neighbor's open house and ripping up the carpet in the new R.O.C. room (aka: Room of Crap, the former office, the one-day future nursery).

Once again we were mega lucky on the floors being in great condition, which will not be the case in the hallway – those will be in similar condition to the stairs. Ugh.


I think these before and after photos show demonstrate something people don't always seem to understand – golden hardwoods can brighten up a room better than beige carpet any day. Why? Because orange is the brightest color, and with these beautiful hardwoods, the orange shines through. Okay, lecture over. :)

As for the rest of the plans for this now third bedroom, I don't have many aside from painting the trim and the doors. So, you know, just like what I'm doing in the rest of my house.

(Oh, and if you're curious what the white dotes are – that's where the floating shelves were in this room).


  1. :) Holes in walls...I have many of them.
    I agree that nothing is more beautiful that hardwood floors. Especially when you look at the dust and dirt your vacuum sucks off the carpet.

  2. that is awesome to find hardwood under the carpet in a house.....

  3. Can I just say that is so smart of you guys. My Office turned ROC is now in the works to be a nursery as I was unexpectedly pregnant. Cleaning out that ROC and sorting and all is exhausting these days so good for you to be prepared up front!