Saturday, February 13, 2010

The office vision

This was my first time using Polyvore, and let's just say I'll probably go back to InDesign after this. My issue is that I already own some key pieces...that no longer exists at stores...and Polyvore hates Snapfish. So, I was slightly at a loss and had to bluff a couple of things, but you can still get the picture.

Anyway, here's the plan.

1. I want to keep the colors simple, so I can do the horizontal stripes. I'm between several different shades – but it looks like Glidden paint is the winner.

2. To play off the glass desk, I thought glass candleholders were a must. These candleholders are from CB2. The candleholders I already have are also from CB2, but have more geometric detail to them. Just a warning though, all their lumi collection is really thin, so be super careful. I have no idea how mine are still in one piece.

3. Some white magazine holders from The Container Store will help hide the clutter.

4. This isn't my exact desk lamp, I think mine is actually cooler. It was another Craigslist find, and I got it for $25. Compare that to this lamp for $300.

5. I am all about the DIY art. And while I think the piece I selected is beautiful, I'm sure the price tag isn't. I am actually going to alter a piece I had in the family room in house #1. This painting will lose the greens and yellow, and add the new current color scheme.

6. To show off the red, I want to add in plenty of red accessories, such as vases. This vase is from Ikea and is $7.99. I wish I lived by an Ikea, my life would be so much easier.

7. Seriously, if you do not own this bookshelf from Crate & Barrel – go buy it. Why is it so awesome? It can be either a bookshelf or console table. For a mind changer like me, this is heaven.

8. Oh, the chair. Sigh. I wish I could afford it, but even with it's $979 sale price, it's just not in my future. So what's the plan? Last June, I got an armchair and ottoman off Craigslist for $35. While the chair is brown – I'm not a fan of the pattern, just the shape. My goal is to have this chair upholstered with a similiar fabric to dream chair.

9. I already own these floating shelves from Lowes. They are actually the same ones I have in the living room now, but just in a smaller size.

10. I have a crush on this pillow. I figure everything else is more structured – so the pattern adds a fun twist to the room.

11. The desk is from Target and is listed for $129.99. I scored this piece brand new on Craigslist (seeing a trend here?) for $50 last year. I know not everyone wants to glass desk, but I don't want my desk to stand out – and a glass desk is ideal in those situations. Why the L-shape? Brent's a CPA and needs room for his 10 key and giant calculator (I wish I was joking).

12. The chair is something Brent will always win on. He's the one who actually uses the desk – so his black-leather preference wins. The one we have now though is looking rather sad, so hopefully at some point an upgrade can happen.

13. While I do have this table lamp from Pier 1, what this image should be in the floor lamp version.


  1. love it! I think we should make an IKEA road trip together.

  2. Love your design? Will the flooring be hardwood or carpet?

  3. I will be ripping out the carpet in that room as soon as the walls have been painted. The wood is a golden color. Since the office is where the dogs spend most of their time during the day – I'm going to attempt going rug-free for now.

  4. I love your ideas for the office. I think it'll be the perfect work space. :)

  5. You won a Beautiful Blogger Award!

    Check it out!