Friday, February 12, 2010

The Upstairs – Chapter 1

Brent and I made 2 rookie mistakes with the upstairs in September while we were moving in.

1. We painted the office the same color as the office in the old house.
While there is nothing wrong with Sherwin Williams' mocha – it definitely isn't right for this house...especially that bedroom. Not only are there fewer windows, but the house faces a different direction, which just means we have less sunlight...period. And that color just makes the bedroom even darker.

2. We weren't thinking about the future.
Putting the office where we did seemed like a good idea at the time, but now it just seems all wrong. Bedroom #3 is nothing but storage right now, which means that door stays closed. Seeing the always-closed door from the entry way isn't my favorite thing in the world. Plus, when the baby thing does happen – the current office just makes more sense as a nursery. From my bed, I can see into that bedroom – it just makes more sense.

The Plan
- Switch the two bedrooms
- Embrace the brown in the office, but make it a lighter brown and do horizontal stripes throughout it
- Finish all the door and trim painting in both rooms
- Rip out the carpet in the hallway and both bedrooms (and pray the hardwood floors underneath are in good condition)


  1. That sounds like a great plan. Will love to see your blog on the ripped up carpet. I am still painting my doors & just spray painted the ugly brass knobs. I finally started my blog since i loved reading about your changes, i thought what the heck. Want to check it out? its' not too good but ya gotta start somewhere.

  2. what color are you painting the future nursery? Or are you just going to leave it until later?

  3. Nati – Thank you so much! It's boring work, but it's totally worth it in the end. Audio books totally help the time go by, if you get bored. I can't wait to check out your blog.

    PugsNotDrugs – Leave it to you to ask the nursery question. :) If I do end up painting that room, it will just be a boring beige for now to lighten the room up, and then a new color later on for the nursery. I do envision a wall of argyle for the future nursery though, but I change my mind often – so who knows.

  4. I totally have an argyle inspiration pic saved, lol. But the idea of even painting stripes gives me hives, we are not good with measuring and straight lines.

  5. Rose – That inspiration pic is super cute! I will have to make a mental note of that. :)