Thursday, February 11, 2010

A little bit of everything

And let the randomness begin!

1. The trim in the dining room and living room is now done. I am slowly getting somewhere – although no more progress on the doors has been made.

2. If you were wondering where the old rug in the living room went – it's now in the family room. So the set up is how it was in house #1.

3. Where'd I get my zebra rug? I got it on eBay for $110 from bidonrugs. Not too shabby at all, plus it was free shipping. This is the second rug I have gotten on eBay, and I've had a fabulous experience with both vendors.

4. Thank you PineTreeHome for passing along the Happy Award to me. I will get to my tasks soon.

5. Brent has finally agreed the carpet in the office needs to go!!! This is huge and awesome.

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