Thursday, May 27, 2010

Outdoor randomness

1. While the situation has been addressed, whoever put mulch and dirt on top of a bed of rocks is not my friend.

2. Until yesterday, I had no idea how many different types of hostas there were. After studying up on them in a BH&G feature, I picked out my favorites.(Photos from BHG's Web site)

3. After looking at so much hosta awesomeness, I found it necessary to go out and buy a hosta last night. I picked the Frances Williams, aka, Francie.

4. Of course, going to a garden center to buy just one thing is rather impossible – so I also left with geraniums, celosias and delphininiums.

5. Celosias still hold the award for Brent’s and my favorite flower. Brent thinks they look like colorful Christmas trees.
6. I had to replace my first pot of flowers over the weekend. I switched them out with begonias, because those things are survivors.
7. I remembered why I don’t plant flowers into the ground in the backyard. My dogs are flower abusers. RIP zinnias. You were pretty while you lasted.

8. All my other flowers are doing great though. Look how much the ones on my deck have grown since my first post.
9. We finally bought something to contain the hose madness. This has made my life so much easier. Definitely $30 well spent.
10. After more online research, I learned what 2 mystery perennials in the backyard are. I have lilies of valley and bleeding hearts.


  1. I love the Celosias! I had to go to your 'about' page to see where you live - to see if we have similar climates so that I too could get some. (We don't. Sad face.) I do have bleeding hearts in my yard though, and I love them!

  2. Love lily of the valley, it is what Carolyn Bessette carried when she married JFK Junior. And they smell soooooo amazing.

    My mom had a bleeding heart plant when I was a kid. Reminds me of the good old days!

    You are looking good out there my dear!

  3. mentioned your dogs got the zinnas you planted in the back yard. fyi, lily of the valley and bleeding hearts are both considered posionous to pets. the best list i've found of all poisonous to pet plants is on the ASPCA website (

  4. Penny – Thank you for your comment. When I said my dogs got to my zinnias, I was referring to them trampling them – not eating them. I will definitely keep an eye on them though. I was wanting to say goodbye to the lily of the valley anyway – so this is a great excuse to. Thanks again.

  5. hi ashley. glad the info was helpful to you. I forgot which blog it was on until I read your comment in a recent post.

    I plant all my "dangerous to dogs" plants in my front and side yards, where the dogs don't get to very often. That makes it easier since they have free run of the fenced in back yard and there are four of them....had to keep an eye on them and they spend a lot of time in the yard! When my dogs eat anything, it's usually grass! & I do have a few plants that are on the list but they don't seem to be interested in out back (like hostas! i have LOTS of hostas!)