Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The landing progress

The downstairs landing (which houses the half bath, garage and passage to the man cave) shares a wall with the family room, so this bad boy had to get painted as well.


As you probably know by now though, my afters never seem to be final. So, let me show you what I'm currently up to:

I have been asked if I'm crazy, and well, I guess the answer is yes. I am a houndstooth lover though, and this is my ode to it.

How to's and other details will be posted once I finish my wall. So maybe expect a post next year?


  1. Hello Ashley, thank you for stopping by. I guess you can say my husband and I love doing the flowers and he is a big rose fan. The funny thing is he calls everything posies....Anyway I cant wait to see who the houndstooth turns out..Please don't make me wait a year!!!lol and still excited to see how the birds are doing with the food..Have a fabulous rest of the week.