Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A bird seed test

I keep seeing these commercials about Scott’s Songbird Colorful Blend Bird Seed and how it’s supposed to attract more colorful birds.

I must admit – I am intrigued. I put my bird feeder up to see how many different types of birds I could attract – not how many black birds I could acquire. Yet at the same time, I am baffled because I thought all birds had the same diet. (Seriously, if anyone has the answer to this, please enlighten me).

Since I ran out of birdseed over the weekend, I figured it was time for an experiment of my own and give this colorful birdseed a whirl.

The colorful blend promises:
- Attracts up to 2 times more colorful birds
- Attracts fewer blackbirds, grackles and cowbirds

I have no idea what grackles and cowbirds are, but it all sounds good to me.

I had my original birdseed for 3 weeks. In that time, I saw 1 blue jay, 2 cardinals, a handful of sparrows and countless black birds. We shall see if my colorful bird numbers improve.

(In case you’re curious or concerned, I’m not sitting outside staring down my bird feeder. I can see my bird feeder from my spot on the couch in the family room, as well as from the kitchen window).

The first night
Multiple birds fly by, but I only saw one taker – and it was a black bird.

Day 1
Well, I did get a visit from a blue jay and a cardinal, but I also witnessed more black birds around the bird feeder than I have ever seen before.


I will keep adding my findings to this post. A product review post will follow once my very scientific study is done. :)


  1. I am interested in your results as well! FYI a cowbird is a white stork like bird but smaller. long skinny legs.

  2. Grackles are the black birds you're likely seeing at your feeder. :)

  3. How interesting, now I can't wait to find out. I do know different birds do eat different things. Example my finches eat thistle, my woodpecker eats suet,cardinals like black oil sunflower seeds...So keep us posted..
    Enjoy your bird watching,

  4. I use this same bird food in my feeder and its been getting tons of action. I had no idea birds so specific about their food but I actually saw 2 birds fighting over the feeder today!