Thursday, May 6, 2010

Design Time: "The Organized Home"

I didn’t know I could be insulted by a “design” book, but apparently, anything really is possible.

I was so excited to read “Real Simple: The Organized Home.” I had visions of numerous photos of organized closets and drawers dancing in my head. But apparently, this organization book is only half about organization.

The other half? Room basics. That’s right – in case you couldn’t figure it out – basics for the family room include a sofa, coffee table, side table and TV. And this book covers room basics in every freaking room. It was rather insulting that they had to tell me a room basic for a bedroom is a bed. (I cannot make this stuff up).

Sure, the other half of the book was the wonderful organizational photos I was craving, but by that point I was too frustrated to even enjoy them. And sadly, I didn’t learn one tip from this book.

So, skip the book – and embrace these top 6 organization photos:


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  2. I hear ya. I'm wondering who doesn't know that a sofa goes in the living room and a table goes in the dining room. I would have preferred it if the book was even cut to just the organizing stuff.

  3. I've noticed that my Real Simple magazine even seems to be repeating itself lately. I feel like I'm getting the same thing every month.

  4. Natalie, do you read other magazines? They all do that. That's what happens when publishing dies :)

  5. Thanks for the pictures! Like you, I expected it to have more to offer, so I was eventually going to come home with a copy. I would've been so irritated. LoL

  6. Dizzy – Exactly! There was so much common sense in this book, it irritated me.

    Natalie – One of the reasons I can't motivate myself to go through my growing stack of Real Simple.

    P-Foo – You're the expert. :)

    Valerie – This is why I check them out at the library first, to see if they are even worth purchasing. :)

  7. Thank for the honest appraisal. It is refreshing and helpful!