Saturday, May 22, 2010

It’s Electric (the bar)

When I noticed that Brent was actually reading, my concern should have started then. But I ignored my better judgment and soon visions of outlets for the bar starting dancing in Brent’s head.

Fast forward to last night at Home Depot…

Me: I can see you doing this and then the bar just bursting into flames.
Brent: All we need is … (pause) ... hmmm….

Yeah, that’s totally the electrical confidence I was looking for.

All joking aside though, Brent knew exactly what to buy for the outlet, and he came home and put it all together. I was really impressed.

Outlet for the bar: $30.15 (a small price to pay for margaritas on demand).


  1. I Love margaritas!! I'll bring the salt! Just found your blog, I'm very inspired to say the least!

  2. That was funny. I am always having thoughts like that when my husband is wiring things up. You'll love your new bar.