Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Between socializing, the bar, the houndstooth wall and landscaping – Brent and I were rather busy this weekend.

The bar
Brent’s still working on it as I write this (yep, he is determined to have a finished bar by Father's Day). And I must say, he is well on his way. He got a lot done.

We have a solid back counter (awaiting something to go on top):
A working drawer with the start of cabinets below:
The keg door with aluminum on it to keep our future beer cold:
The houndstooth wall
I'm definitely making progress...well, aside from the mistake I made at the bottom that still needs fixing.

(For those of you wondering why I didn't just buy wallpaper – I can't find any houndstooth in the correct size that I like. Plus, I'm cheap and this is free).

Seriously, I have a sick obsession. I cannot go several days without buying some sort of flower or shrub – and this weekend was no exception. Aside from buying things, I focused on the front yard landscape and getting it mulched.


  1. I love planting things outside but I tend to forget to water them & they die. Maybe one day I'll get it right.

    love the wall, by the way!

  2. And I know you said wall paper was out, but did you consider vinyl?

  3. Natalie – I did consider vinyl at one point. But that would be a lot of houndstooth I would have to order – and it would get rather pricey. Plus, I saw how uncoordinated I was with contact paper, so I don't think vinyl is correct for me.

  4. We mulched this weekend too! Got a few cubic yards of black mulch dumped into the back of Mason's truck. I'll tell you what, no one looks or smells more attractive than how you do after a nice afternoon mulching session.

  5. I'm impressed! There's been major progress on the bar and you have oodles of patience in order to do the houndstooth. Looking forward to seeing it all complete!