Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My husband, the hoarder

Brent and I spent the last day of all 5-day vacation together buying a queen-size mattress for the guest bedroom. We’ve been wanting to get one for awhile, and the deal we found was just too good to pass up.

The plan is to move the new bed downstairs into the guest bedroom, and move our full-size bed upstairs into the empty third bedroom.

Here’s Brent’s and my conversation on the way home from buying a mattress pad:

Brent: So what will we do with the old bed when the bedroom becomes a nursery?

Me: Well, we have two options. Get rid of everything…

Brent: No!

Me: Or, we can just part with the frame and box spring and keep the mattress in storage.

Brent: I want to keep it all.

Me: Why? Where would we put it?

Brent: (silence)

Me: You’re not being practical. We could fit the mattress in the extra room in the basement.

Brent: We can put it on the loft in the shed, once I build it.

Me: If that’s where you want the mattress to go, that’s fine.

Brent: I want it all to go there – including the headboard.

Me: The headboard?

Brent: Yeah, I like it.

Me: (laughing) You mean to tell me, whenever we have extra guests – you’ll not only get the mattress and box spring out from the shed and move them to the basement – but you’ll put the head and foot boards on as well.

Brent: You’re ruining my dream!

I wish I could say I embellished this conversation, but it’s definitely real.

Brent and I come from 2 completely different worlds. I have minimal from my childhood, and I’m completely okay with that. I have 2 boxes – one with memories such as diaries, yearbooks and favorite books and the other with keepsakes I’d like to one day have in a future nursery.

As for Brent, well, I’m not sure I want to know how many boxes he has. Between the boxes he has here now and the boxes his parents keep bringing over – my answer is way too many. I’m pretty sure we have every toy he ever played with.

Brent is definitely getting better about keeping things though. He even agreed to sort through some of his boxes with me tonight. Hopefully, he’ll also see the light with the extra mattress as well. He has plenty of time to make the correct decision after all.


  1. So funny. It's good that you go through the stuff together. I am more like your husband. My Hubs grabs the garbage pail and just starts tossing.

  2. HA! That sounds like my husband. We have been storing his "crap" in the garage for way to many years.

  3. I feel like I just read an actual conversation between Mason and I. Me = 2 boxes. Him = half of our basement.

  4. I have never related more to a blog post. My husband saves everything. We finally built a storage building and gave him the garage. I don't go in there. It's scary. I know for a fact that there are several broken vacuum cleaners in there and many things he's been planning to "fix" for years. I keep things we'll use again, like Christmas decorations. :) Thanks! Lisa~