Friday, July 30, 2010

The great fabric debate

Now that Brent and I have finally upgraded to a queen-size bed in the guest bedroom, I have the opportunity to do a project that’s been on my wish list for quite some time – a fabric headboard. I love the look of these headboards, and I cannot wait to have the headboard in the guest bedroom take center stage.

The only issue is that I’m fabric indecisive.

With all my other fabric choices, I just knew. And I think that’s the hard part. There are so many directions this bedroom could go – I can’t seem to be able to edit myself.

Here’s a reminder photo of the guest bedroom:
The only thing in this picture guaranteed a home back in the guest bedroom is the West Elm pin-tuck bedding, which is a pale, icy blue color. Everything else is basically stuff from college that I have no problems altering or saying goodbye to. And that includes saying goodbye to the paint color.

Here’s the fabric I like so far:

Paddock Shawl:
Zig Zag:
Opinions? Favorites? Bueller?

If you find any fabulous fabric, please post a link. Just make sure it goes with the duvet and won’t put me in the poor house. ☺


  1. I vote for Miki, with toss pillows in Zig Zag... and you could even keep the paint color you have! :)

  2. I've been wanting to make something with this fabric. It's outdoor fabric though, so it would be heavier.

  3. I like the Miki. It's subtle and lends itself to adding more dramatic color elsewhere in the room. Good luck!!
    I love the pin-tuck bedding!

  4. I love the Paisley if you want a very soft neutral look or the Mimosa if you want to be a little more colorful yet still neutral. Either offers opportunity to bring in pillows in coordinating solids and/or prints with some bolder colors.

  5. I love the Esmee! I have plans to make a fabric headboard for our of these days...