Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Inspiration From My Dad

I’ve always loved the office at my parent’s house.

Since this room is my dad’s turf, it’s one of the few rooms he was actually allowed to decorate.
I was thrilled when Brent took inspiration from this room as well. We knew from the start, we had to do something like this in the man cave. With a plan in mind, the collecting started.

Here was the wall:

Once I measured the wall, I taped off the measurements on the floor and got to work.
That was the originally plan, until I realized I forgot about something important:
So, I played around with it some more. I’m really happy with how it turned out.
Tip: If you are wanting to do something similar, take a photo of the final layout on the floor. This way, once you start picking pieces up off the floor, you'll know their exact placement on the wall.

My favorite item on the wall:

Right out of college, I was the design editor for a newspaper/entertainment tabloid. This was the first cover I staged, which featured Brent and my cousin Taylor as the models. This is the cyan printing plate of that December 2005 cover. I’m so happy this plate finally has a home.


  1. Love it! We have a friend who's dining room was turned into a poker room. His painted larger versions of a beer tops for the wall that look real.

    I've wanted to a music-inspired room. I even have all of my parents old albums in frames. Just need the right spot to hang them.

  2. Love your dads office! and I love what you did with the man cave, where did you collect all those great signs/posters?

  3. love it, it looks great. the sarcasm society is my fave!

  4. Fabulous Ashley!! I love it!

  5. Looks so great! Check out this giveaway, I immediately thought of you.


  6. Thanks everyone!

    Kelly – I got them from a variety of places. The sarcasm one is from Micheals. Some of the Budweiser ones are from the brewery. Others are from eBay and posters.com.

    Jill – I totally won that giveaway at DIY Showoff. That's how I did my houndstooth wall. :)

  7. Ashley.............and you did so well with it! Now enter this one and think powder room--LOL.

    How nice am I that I am making more work for YOU! :)