Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Challenge Day!

I'll be honest, I totally pictured having my half bath completely done by now.

That was, until I realized the oh-so-perfect hand towel I bought in December clashes with the paint does a piece of art I ordered online. Awesome.

So is my half bath done? Nope, but I'm okay with that. There are some projects you just can't rush. And at least, even unfinished, my half bath is no longer blah.


What I did:
- Painted the doors and vanity white
- Painted the walls
- Spray painted the mirror

- Switched out hardware on the vanity
- Bought towel ring

Other half bath projects to do at some point:

- Put in a pedestal sink, which means adding tile where the current vanity is (this will be a next year project)
- Switch out the faucet
- Find a more modern light fixture
- Find a hand towel that works
- Art above the toilet

I can't wait to see what everyone did. Everyone's projects were so inspiring during the last challenge.


  1. Sadly we are not even close to being finished with painting our guest bathroom. Maybe by the time you have another challenge we will be! (Our goal is Labor Day weekend) Where did you get the hand towel? Love it!

  2. Love the new 1/2 bath...that turquoise color is so pretty and definitely one of my favorites! I also love, love, love the picture you hung in there....where did you get it? I would love to find something like that (framed or not...I can frame it myself) for one of my rooms!

  3. Love the new paint color in the 1/2 bath. From the pic, the art doesn't look like it would clash. Love it! Karen

  4. Lauren – I got the hand towel at BBB.

    Dunne – Here you go:

    Cincy – Thanks! The artwork that's hanging up is the one that worked. The artwork for above the toilet was highly unsuccessful though. Even Brent said the blues didn't work together (when a man is noticing a color clash – bad things are definitely going on).