Friday, October 2, 2009

It's a Beautiful Morning!

It's a beautiful morning when you wake up and your cell phone has 5 bars. That's right, 5 bars! After last month's issues, we finally received our Airave in the mail yesterday.

This sucker has been on backorder for awhile. Sprint put us on a waiting list, and told us they had no idea when we'd receive one. I was okay with this, until my dad called Sprint, complained about their lack of signal (they are in the same area), and because they were in a "qualifying area" were shipped an Airave for no charge.

Brent called Sprint the following day (just a tiny bit frustrated), and imagine that, we are in the same qualifying area because of the same signal. So after some "words of love," Brent and I also received the Airave free of charge.

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