Friday, August 28, 2009

House Complaint #1

Terrible cell phone reception.

Brent was ordering Chinese food last night, and he had to call back 3 times because of dropped calls. Not cool.

So we are sucking up the money, and buying the airave. I'm not too thrilled about spending the money, but really, there's nothing else to do. I love my cell phone, and my cell phone deserves signal. Plus, we lack a landline.

The price is $99 plus $5 a month.

I will do a product update, once I make up my mind on the new $99 purchase.

This just in: Brent just called Sprint and they said since we are such good customers, they are waiving the monthly fee for the first 2 years. Yea!


  1. I'm afraid Sprint just sux, my dear.

    Any feedback from friends/family on their cell phone companies? Does Julie have the same problems or is something with your particular house/location?

    I know it would suck to change phone companies, but damn. Ick. Nice that they're giving you the service for free.

  2. It's actually just the area – there are no cell phone towers around here, because they are "ugly." Julie has T Mobile, and I used to have Verizon – and it was the same issues. (Never again will I have Verizon...blah).

    There are wonderful reviews about the Sprint Airave – so good in fact, that they sellout the day they come in to KC. A new shipment comes in Sept. 8, so hopefully I can get one then.