Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brent vs. Chair

When the living room chairs arrived, Brent tried to put them together several nights ago. How the seat cushion screwed into the back piece though was quite a mystery. The cushion was solid, so there was no area to actually do any screwing. This resulted in Brent putting the screws into the back piece and then trying to push them into the cushion, and then eventually giving up and asking me to call customer service. (And go figure, the paper directions were terrible).

Last night we decided to move the chairs because, well, we didn't want to look at the failure that was. Brent picked up the cushion and was halfway down the stairs, when he came back up claiming he was an idiot. Apparently, the bottom of the cushion has velcro on it, and that's how you get the screws in.

I had a good laugh at his expense, but more importantly, we now we have chairs!

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