Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I Bought

I made an executive design about the living room colors – the yellow just wasn't working for me. While I love the yellow, it was way too much of a pain in the butt finding accessories in that color. Because of this, I decide on plum. I figure it's a rich color, and will play well with the modern-elegance look.

I got both these great living room accessories at Z Gallerie. With the 20%-off coupon I got when I walked into the store, I got the middle-size vase and one pillar for under $35. I say that was a major success.

In other news...
- Brent's parents got a contract on their house, so are now looking at houses in Manhattan.
- I am taking a Web design class, and am loving it a lot more than expected.
- The houndstooth fabric has been dropped off with the seamstress, so the panels are now in progress.
- FU to stores not open on Sunday. Seriously.
- Less than 2 weeks until we get possession!

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