Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Earlier Possession Date!

The sellers (well, I guess now "renters"), will be out of town from Aug. 26 until the end of the month. Because of this, the possession date got pushed up a week early to Aug. 24. I am so excited about this.

I am still trying to work out all the details though, because Brent and I cannot actually take off work the new week of the possession date, so our time off will still be the following week. This will give me plenty of time to get some painting done in the evenings though (and I think I might be switching my Valspar loyalty to Behr, because of the all-in-one paint and primer).

I think I'll push up the POD delivery, so that way everything can be unloaded and left in the garage until later. And that would also mean that we'd have our mattress, so we could move out of the parents' house quicker. Yes please!

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