Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Z Gallerie's Modern Glam

I am loving Z Gallerie and all their modern Hollywood glam decor. I am loving even more the 20% off they are offering online and in the store.

I am already marking things off of my wishlist with them. I am now the proud owner of the pillar candleholder and the star candleholder. :)


Accent Table

Bling Picture Frame

Napkin Rings

Multi-Purpose candleholder

Star Candleholders


  1. That dresser is amazing... I saw it in the store the other day. So pretty!

  2. I'm going to Z this weekend and want to pick up those candleholders! It's Back in the Swing weekend, so I'm hoping maybe they'll give the additional 20% off as well!

  3. Love that stuff! FYI, Home Goods has an almost identical table to the small silver one for half the price, I picked it up last weekend!