Friday, October 2, 2009

Painting: The Neverending Project

Because I haven't spent enough time around a paint brush, I decided to tackle the entry way last night. I have been avoiding this project, because it's not just the entry way that needs help – it's also the upstairs hallway and the downstairs landing.

My thought process is this – by doing the entry way, the hallway will look incomplete and that will annoy me enough to make me want to finish the hallway. As for the downstairs landing, I have no idea where that motivation will come from.

While I don't mind the beige the sellers used, I did mind their paint job. Aside from their fast one-coat paint job, when they did touch-ups before they moved – they bought paint with the wrong finish, so there a huge shiny paint streaks everywhere. There's at least 20 areas just going up the stairs.

I decided to paint the walls the same gray that's in the living room. I love the color. It's still soft and neutral, but the chair rail pops a little more with the new color.

Maybe someday I'll find the motivation to paint my doors white.





  1. I like it! Definitely helps with the flow into the entryway.

  2. I love your blog. How fun to be a newlywed again. I have been married for 24 years and we are on our third house redo so I thought I would pass on two things I learned the hard way.
    1. The shiney paint patches: If you store pain in the garage heat can cause the paint to become thicker and changes the sheen. Now I store my paint indoors and upside down.
    2. Shelf paper: Spray on a lit mist of water and you can reposition the paper and then it sticks when the water dries.
    I loved your buffet make over!