Sunday, December 26, 2010

After Christmas sales

There's nothing like a day-after-Christmas sale to put me in the holiday spirit. As usual, I hit up Crate & Barrel. I didn't acquire as many goodies as I usually do, but I am loving what I got.

Cooks tools ornament and 2 sets of frame ornaments:
Handpainted Nutcracker ornament set:
I got the 12 Days of Christmas set several years during this sale, and they are some of my favorite ornaments. So once I saw these guys, I knew I had to have them.

But, I am most excited about this...

Large silver ornament tree:
Anyone else luck out today with holiday goodies?


  1. No luck at all!

    It snowed here in Huntsville this weekend and it still pretty messy, I ran up to the outdoor shopping center and the parking lot was a sheet of ice, plus half the stores were closed! It looks like I will be doing my post-Christmas shopping online!

  2. A couple days before Christmas I got a penguin tree skirt half off at Home Depot. I bagged a couple of trees, also half off, at Walmart yesterday. Bring on the penguins!