Monday, June 28, 2010

Coffee (table) talk

My coffee table has arrived, and I am loving it!

Even better, my lap top fits perfectly in the space between the 2 drawers.

I've had my former coffee table since college, and while it treated me well (even when Chip went through his chewing phase), my style has evolved since then and it was time to get a coffee table that reflected that. (And this coffee table is now treating Brent well in the man cave).



  1. coffee table looks great! have you ever mentioned where those green pillows are from? they are pretty much exactly what i am looking for.

  2. Ashley – Thanks! I got all my green pillows several years ago. The big ones are from Pottery Barn and the smaller ones are from CB2.

    If you are interested in the graphic prints, I recommend checking Etsy – there is some really cute stuff there.

  3. looks great! love the table and the pops of green and your dog is just adorable!

  4. Love the green. The pillows, art, and tray are fabulous.

  5. Look at that sweet puppy waiting to have a picture made. My dog likes photo too. Love the green!