Friday, January 15, 2010

Spend-It Friday

Before I changed work locations, I had never been to a HomeGoods. Now, I work 5 minutes away from one, and have been there more times than I can count.

So what did I do on my lunch break today? Go to HomeGoods.

Did I buy something? Duh. Honestly, I'm surprised I only bought one thing.

What did I buy? A new mirror for the living room, to replace the old mirror I bought at HomeGoods several months ago. ::Hangs head in shame::

Although, I must admit, while I love the older mirror – it's just not working for that space – it's too small. And well, the new mirror is the mirror of my dreams, and it was worth it making my design-spending fund basically zero. And I already have a new place in mind for the old mirror, so problem solved.

In other news: Brent spent some money today as well. We got a new TV for the master. We'd been wanting a flat screen for in there, but were trying to hold out. Apparently, our current TV had other plans though and crapped out on us.

Helpful hint: If you ever go to Office Max, label maker tape is not in the label section, which I find very confusing. I spent way too long walking around in that store.

In Macintosh news: His test results came back, and my big guy has a very under-active thyroid. More testing will have to be done on this, and he'll most likely be on medication for the rest of his life. We are just so lucky to have caught this when we did though, because hypoactive thyroid can kill dogs at an early age.

As for all the vomiting that lead Macintosh to get the blood testing in the first place, still a mystery. He is now on a medication to treat acid reflex. If this works, awesome and mystery solved. If he isn't better in a week, he goes in for x-rays.

Seriously, thank God for pet insurance. I would be poor without it.

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