Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Door Down

I'm not going to lie – last weekend was no good.

Macintosh had to go in for some blood work on Friday and the results were supposed to come in on Monday. All I could think about were potential what-ifs, so I busied myself with more painting.

I started working on the handrail and the upstairs hallway. I decided to do the most difficult door first – the linen closet door. All the doors in my house are 6-paneled except for the closet doors – those have vented panels on the top (I know that description is terrible, but that's really all I've got).

Then I moved on into the family room. Since the carpet was ripped out, the trim was in desperate need of some paint – so I started my beige to white journey in there as well.

Side note: As for Macintosh's results, I'm still waiting. The lab messed up and left his blood in the cold for too long – so Macintosh and I got to go in again for more blood work. My poor big guy. I should hear something tomorrow though.

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