Saturday, January 2, 2010

Home Improvement for 2010

I'm sure I'll think of plenty more to add later on, but for now – here's what I want to get done to the house in 2010:

Through out
- Paint all the doors white
- Paint all the beige trim white (beige with gray, just doesn't work for me)
- Rip out the carpet in the hallway, then sand, stain and poly it to match the stairs

Family Room
- Spray paint the fireplace screen black

Half bath
- Paint the cabinets and laundry door white
- Paint the walls cathedral blue

Hall Bath/Master Bath:
Put frames around the mirrors

- Add in horizontal stripes to lighten it up (the mocha just feels so dark in there)
- Add in lots of white accessories

- Upgrade all the fixtures (mailbox, lights, etc) from gold
- Address landscape in the front

Man cave
- Buy a new TV for the family room, so the big one goes here
- Find a sectional off Craigslist
- Build a bar (god help us)
- Figure out the kegorator thing
- Once the layout gets settled, start putting things on the walls

I'm excited to say that I've already started working on 2 of the tasks – the big kahunas – painting the trim and doors. It's not fun work, but as long as you pop in an audio book while you work – it's not too bad.

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