Monday, May 2, 2011

Meet Pengy Wengy

Macintosh may play with many toys throughout the day, but there's only 1 toy he brings to bed at night - Pengy Wengy.

Does anyone else have a pet that does this? I've never seen anything like it.

(As for the name, well, that's because of our penguin toy surplus. Each one got a name, so we could keep track of them. You guys have seen my penguin tree, none of this should be surprising).


  1. Our shih tzu Baxter does this... every night when we go up, he runs around frantic looking for his "froggy"... or sometimes "puppy" (if froggy is already upstairs) and runs upstairs with his little toy... its so cute.

  2. My Pomeranian Foxy has something like this. We call it her "wooby" (an old reference to the movie "Mr Mom" from years ago). It's an old stuffed toy in the shape of a bone. The strange part though is she has one corner of it that she sucks on, kind of like a security blanket for a child. She started doing this when she was a puppy right after we got her and now she's 3 years old and still does it. It's actually really cute, but it is always the same toy...and always the same corner! Ha ha ha