Saturday, May 14, 2011

Curb Appeal (days 6 & 7)

When I bought the toppers for the retaining wall, I pictured them all just fitting and looking amazing. Somehow I didn't process that the toppers are rectangular and the retaining wall is curved.

So, while I pictured perfection - my reality was:

My reality from the front door was even more obvious:

So, I handed off this project to Brent, who conquered it like a champ.

While there are several ways to cut stones, he used a circular saw with masonry blades. (Please note the plural on that – there's a reason those blades are only $2.50 each. He went through 7 blades with this project).

While Brent was cutting the toppers, he reminded me of Pig Pen from Charlie Brown, because of all the dust flying around him:

Once the toppers were cut, the view from the front door was much better:
After everything was laid out how we wanted it, we used landscape block adhesive to make sure the toppers stayed on.

All the hard work definitely paid off:

Now it's on to the fun part – figuring out what to plant.

In other rush week news: The leaves have been picked up and the man cave ceiling is done!


  1. Wow, it really looks great! We are currently revamping our "curb appeal" and it's a lot of work!
    Can't wait to see what y'all plant!