Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flower power

The sun is finally out, and the flowers are blooming.

Just 2 months ago, the landscape was looking like this:

Well, hello spring:

My plan is to just add a little bit each year to the back. And this year, with the focus being on the front yard, I do mean "little." And then one day, it will hopefully become a fabulous English garden.

After seeing how strong the 2 asiatic lilies I added last year were coming in, I decided to add 2 more. I also thought a knockout rose bush and paw print stone would make great additions.

Since my dogs love running through the landscape, I have to leave paths for them. I also have to stick with thicker flowers so Macintosh and Chip will run around not over the flowers. (Last year, the zinnias I planted didn't last a single day).

The flowers that the dogs would destroy, go in the pots:

While I am trying a few new flowers, for the most part I am sticking with what worked.

In other news: I would love some jobs vibes tomorrow. The place I did the design test for, wants me to come in for a second interview. I really want this job, so it's getting tough to be nonchalant about this whole process.


  1. your flower bed is looking great! I'm in the same process as you, still trying to figure out what looks good and grows best in our yard:) love all your colorful pots on the patio next to your dog statue which is adorable!

  2. Good luck on your 2nd interview! I'll be sending good job vibes your way.