Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looking up...literally

There's nothing wrong with the beige ceiling in the man cave (aside from the 1-coat job someone did), but I figure since I have the time – why not go white.

The non-whiteness of the ceiling became especially apparent once the shelves were built:

I'm only a quarter of the way done, it's looking a lot better:

And since I'm on the subject of the ceiling, I figured I'd answer a reader's question about what type of lighting is on the man cave ceiling. We have 3 rows of track lighting (with plans on adding a 4th row above the bar).

But the lighting I love the most is the rope lighting going around the room:

Painting the ceiling is definitely going to be a time-consuming project, but it's going to be worth it.


  1. I know it will look great once done. I imagine that patience will be your new best friend to finish the job.

  2. Wow what a difference! Its going to look amazing and you'll need one heck of a neck massage afterwards :0)

  3. Why not drywall the ceiling and then paint?

  4. We decided against drywalling the ceiling for the added height, plus I like the exposed rafting.