Friday, March 4, 2011

Basically done!

I'm excited to say that the built-in shelves are basically done (well, kind of), but since I now have some free time, I figured why not.

Here are the progress pictures up until now:

Here's the "final":

Granted, the shelf decor isn't done (Brent has more sports memorabilia to dig out of storage), but you get the idea.

The unfinished part on the shelf is actually the side you see when going down the stairs (which I'll post about at a later date). The other thing left is putting the baseboard back up.

But, because Brent and I aren't that simple – the built-in project isn't done. There's more building left to do. See the other side of the stairs:

That, of course, needs a matching built-in with more DVD storage. :)


  1. Looks really great!

    Question - is your ceiling the exposed "basement ceiling"? In our basement we ripped out the drop ceiling and just painted the beams black. I wanted to see what your lighting situation is like...since we need to adjust ours.

  2. looks great! I'm super jealous, I've been after my husband for 5 months to start on our promised built-ins...

  3. Nice job, love how bright white it is!