Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A fur-free product rave

I'll be honest, when I was looking for a fur-removal product, I picked the Scotch Fur Fighter, because they have a Westie on all their packaging. Yep, it was a simple as that.

With 2 very furry Westies and a love for black – things don't always look so great in my house. And while the Furminator is awesome, Brent and I don't use it as much as we should – so well, fur happens. Fur especially seems to happen all over my black-and-white zebra rug, which wasn't looking very black at all.

And did it ever win, check out the after from just my zebra rug:

Yeah, it amazed me and grossed me out all at the same time. It also made me realize how terrible my vacuum cleaner is. That will definitely be on the holiday wish list.


  1. this product is AWESOME! I have been buying it for about a year. I am scared that they might discontinue it because the only place that I can find it around here is Target! I stock up on the refills every time I am there and they have a $1.00 off coupon in each package!

  2. Ashley, get a Dyson. It will change your life! We just have a regular one, but I've heard that the ones designed for animal fur are fantastic too.

  3. I'm in your boat. My Springer Spaniel is quite the shedder, making my rugs look like mohair. I'll try the "Fur Fighter" and see how it works!
    Erin @ Cultivating Home

  4. Hey ~ thanx for the product review ~ I got it and love it. I have two cats :)