Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Decorating

At the last house, I had more than enough holiday decor. In this house, it's looking a little slim. It's frustrating but awesome at the same time, because I love buying Christmas goodies, but since I won't acquire any until the after-Christmas sales – patience and plotting is key.

Here's what I have so far. (Sorry about the photos. I hate taking pictures of Christmas trees, because I somehow always make them look blah. Maybe I'll try again when it isn't so bright out).

And my new favorite thing – my penguin tree! Brent says I have an unhealthy addiction to penguins – so this is me embracing it.


  1. LOL! I loooooooooove the penguin tree! I also love the geometric background piece on your mantle. What is it?

  2. Thanks! I am all about the penguin tree. I actually bought some more penguin ornaments for it last night. :)

    The thing on the mantle is actually a painting I did in college. The piece the was originally up there made the wish stocking holders to difficult to read.

  3. One word for the penguin tree: Cool!

    You should take a look at mine:

    And your pictures look good too. I'm still struggling with a new camera, lighting, etc.

  4. DJ – Thanks so much. It's great to find another penguin lover out there.

    You're blog is awesome! I told my husband about it, and he is definitely nervous about my penguin-ornament quota going up this Christmas season. :)

    It took me away getting used to take pictures, especially of ornaments. Good luck!