Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Candleholder Knockoff

While I received a lot of compliments about my buffet renovation – I received quite a bit of interest in the candleholder above it.

The circuit wall candleholder is from Crate & Barrel with a price tag of $149. While that price is steep to me, a wonderful friend thought it was the perfect wedding present (thank you, Dominic).

Today, I was in my new favorite store though and found a knock off of similar size for almost half the price. This is the collage sconce from Z Gallerie, and for only $79.95 it's an amazing price and still has a nice brand name – you can't beat that.

While the frames are thicker in the Z Gallerie version, and several squares are a different size – that's basically the only difference. Not only are the number of squares the same in both, but the placement of squares as well as candleholders are identical.


  1. How is it a knockoff if they both carry a similar item? It looks to me like the Z Gallerie sconce is just a better value. Maybe C&B is just charging more (?), they probably buy from the same vendor... I like them both but I'm all about saving $80 if I can!!

  2. It's a knock off because Crate & Barrel was the original one to have this candleholder – they've had in for at least 5 years, and the candleholder is newer to Z Gallerie.

    Because of this, and the placement of the squares and candles being in the exact same place – it's definitely a copy cat.

    It's like what JC Penney does to Pottery Barn – you know they have an employee or 2 just studying the Pottery Barn catalog so they can make affordable replicas of a more expensive brand name.

    I love knock offs – I'm all about the more affordable prices. I rarely buy things if they aren't on sale.

    As for comparing the 2 prices of the candleholders – it's simple, Crate & Barrel is the bigger name brand. While Z Gallerie is still a super nice store (and my new favorite at that), they are still the underdog.