Monday, September 28, 2009

My First Furniture Flip

With all moving craziness, I have been too busy for garage sales this summer. My coping for this was reading Britt's weekly entry on her garage sale finds.

Two weeks ago though, I was finally able to hit up some garage sales! While I didn't find anything for myself, I found 2 deals that were too good to pass up. I bought a coffee table and lingerie dresser for $10 each. My plan was to update them and resale them on Craigslist.

Well, I posted my first of the "furniture flips" tonight on Craigslist, and someone is coming to pick up the coffee table Wednesday morning. This was a super easy way to make a little money.




  1. Looks great! Glad to hear it was a profitable venture! :)

  2. Wow...good job! I never would have thought to do that...nice work!

  3. Oooohhhh la-la. Can I ask how much you're asking for it?