Monday, September 7, 2009

A Day of Organization

One thing I can't stand are messy drawers, closets or cabinets. I have spent many Sundays in my childhood organizing my closet or desk. I find the concept of organizing to be very calming.

So it's only natural that I started my organization process (even though I'm no where close to unpacked).

For the Socks
I have too many socks to keep track of, so I love these sock organizers from The Container Store. This things take up little room, yet each divider holds about 10 dress socks. And yes, I do realize that I have a lot of argyle socks.

Jewelry Organizer on the Cheap

I just can't do jewel boxes. There are not enough little compartments for me, and all my necklaces get tangled – it's just no good. My favorite thing very jewelry organization is ice cube trays. These things are amazing and cheap. I have one drawer for all my bracelets and necklaces, and another drawers with my earrings. It is my favorite thing ever and it basically costs nothing.

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