Monday, June 29, 2009


I have been trying to take my mind off the insurance adjuster going to the new house to look at the roof. I have been doing this by looking for towels for the master bath.

The new master will be almost an exact match to the old one. The only difference is that the paint color will have a little bit more gray in it. I want the master bath to have the same paint color as the master, so it all looks like one room.

Here is my master now:

I thought finding black-and-white towels would be a lot easier than it actually was. Black-and-white towels are either zebra print or polka dots – no thank you.

After several hours of searching I think I found the perfect towel (even though it's online only). I love the pattern; it looks like an even more modern spin on damask.

So once again, I am back to the waiting game about the roof. Even if the seller's insurance company covers part of the roof because of the hail damage, that would help out greatly. It just feels like every other day we are learning about another $500 or $1,000 we have to spend, and it's really getting depressing. The total is now at $7,800 (and this total does not include the $700 3 weeks ago spent on new tires, etc., for Brent's car).

When this is all said and done, I wonder if I'll even be able to afford towels?

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